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From the ocean inspired Ebb and Flow series.


Two slender panel paintings make up this stunning diptych: 'Invisible Beauty' and 'The Simplest Form'. The spirals are carefully placed to traverse seamlessly across the panels, with the rugged texture on the outer edge.


As with the other paintings in the ocean inspired series Ebb and Flow, these panels also draw on water imagery. Gaze out over the water, imagine the sun shining so brightly on the surface it glistens pure white, so bright you almost can't look at it with the naked eye. The textured sprials and shapes in the panel texture emulates the ripples shapes and shadows cast by the sun on the water and vessels on the water.


The contours and marks are aerial inspired, embracing Australia’s unique ecosystem and rich topography. These reflect what I see, from the plane window, looking down on the land.  The spiral seen in all of my current work tells an important message, symbolising evolution with subthemes of ecology and conservation, a subliminal reminder we should nurture and protect the land for future generations to enjoy as we have.​


Each panel is 25 x 60cm unframed, 28 x63cm framed. Tasmanian oak frame offsets the pure white beautifully. Combined wall space will depend on your chosen gap between the panels, minimum 56 x 63cm if hanging them as shown ie vertical. Hang aligned or offset. Recommend minimum 4 cm gaps between panels but the choice is entirely yours.


Sides of canvas are painted white. Signed on the side. Authored on the back. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Ready to hang as vertical (portrait) panels with D rings and wire. Fixings can be changed from portrait to landscape on request if you prefer to hang them horizontally.


Link to You Tube showcase of this painting - click here


White Diptych (The Simplest Form & Invisible Beauty)


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